The Three Angels of Lavender

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There was once a heavenly white angel of Lavender. He wore robes as pure and as white as the driven snow.

He was a giant of an angel, with arms that could encircle the whole of the Earth in a single embrace.

His breath was the sweetest breath in heaven, and when he spoke, a soft sweet breeze would float through the meadows and towns and past the homes of the people of the Earth; everyone who breathed it would stand still in wonder with eyes closed.

Their hearts would open, and wherever they stood and wherever they were, the truth would come out of their mouths and they would not be able to contain it. So powerful was the white angel of Lavender.

Underneath the flowing robes of the white angel there was hiding the small delicate violet angel of Lavender. He was hiding because he was so innocent and vulnerable that even the lightest negative vibration would cause him to weep uncontrollably.

When the violet angel saw sadness or suffering, he would grieve, and tears would stream from his eyes and form rivers and floods. The tears would saturate the cloaks of the other angels and make their clothing heavy.

He had skin so soft that to the touch it felt as if it was not even there at all.

Every evening, as the sun set, the blue angel of Lavender would begin to sing. Her voice rang out and was heard all around the world. The birds in the trees and the beasts on the land would stop and listen.

Her voice made tears sprout from the eyes of everyone who heard it and lumps come to their throats and they could not understand why. Gradually night would fall and the sky would turn to darkness.

The stars in the heavens would hear the voice of the blue angel of Lavender and come closer to listen. The moon would rise over the mountaintops to get closer to her voice. The night that was once dark would suddenly be a twinkle of lights, and all through the hours, the blue angel of Lavender would hum her songs, lulling the world and all her children to sleep.