How We Became Vegan and Plastic Free

It was a novel idea back in 2005. Nobody was paying all that much attention to the crazy build up of plastic in out oceans. Some were aware of the problem but everyone wasn't talking about it. In a very short space of time the problem of plastic waste in our oceans has become a main fixation of the media and it is now recognised as being a major catastrophe of modern times.

In 2005 when White Witch® was first launched the plastic problem was at the forefront of Ruth Ruane's mind. She thought "The last thing the world needed was another skincare company selling products in plastic containers". And so Ruth set out to do things differently. 

As the business name implies White Witch philosophy is to 'harm none' and 'do good'. A few years down the road with being plastic free, Ruth took beeswax, honey and propolis off the menu. As she said "we can't be stealing from our precious bee friends". 

So that's how we bee-came a vegan plastic free business. We are happy to make products that do your skin good without doing any harm to animals or the planet.